The national debate team represents Italy in the official international competitions reserved for national representative teams. It can participate in official competitions open to national and international representatives, although not reserved for them.

Italy debate team is made up of two teams, divided by age categories:

– Under-19: school students (World Schools Style)

Elite: university students (British Parliamentary Style)

The team responsibility is entrusted to prof. Massimo Leone and prof. Marco Costigliolo. Elite team coach is Prof. Stefania Radaelli.

This call is aimed at collecting applications for the Elite team.

C1 level certification is required. If the candidate is a native English speaker, it is enough to present a self-certification.

Candidacy requirements:

1) to present a four-minute speech in English on the following motion: “This house prefers a world where no one can lie”.

2) motivational letter;

3) debater curriculum.

For those who have debated in the under-19 team, point 1 is not required.

The SNDI hopes to organize a face-to-face meeting during the year. All training activities will be online. The schedules of the training activities will be coordinated to meet everyone’s needs. However, shared rules will be clarified. Anyone who does not respect them could be set out of the team.

Applications must be submitted by November 1, 2021. A committee of experts will evaluate them.

The selected debaters will have to:

1. register as junior members with the SNDI;

2. contribute to part of the organizational costs for participating in tournaments.

Uni Team 2021